Milestones, Bliss and Bad-assery

As I look around my messy, chaotic apartment I realize how much I have in my possession. I literally have so much that it is spilling onto every surface. But this chaos is welcome. Remember when I came here with only a few suitcases and big dreams? Well now, I have a  wonderful husband, an apartment overflowing with wedding gifts and memorabilia, and a whole new family to adore. I have overgrown plants, dishes in the sink, an overflowing trashcan, and an up and running in-home voiceover studio. I am also constantly stubbing my toe on furniture and random instruments. My sandals blasted with sand, our wedding album and photos spilling from piles, and my bridal gown, soiled from the grass and mud from our garden wedding. The Nintendo Switch, a much-prized wedding gift, is calling us to escape from our current chaos. This is what our marital bliss currently looks like.

Milestones are quite chaotic and short-lived like thunderstorms. There is so much prep, research and seemingly tiny miracles that take place in order for the stars to align. Some milestones are accomplishments, and some are celebrations of joy, like our wedding was. Some celebrations are loud, while some are quiet, like my 10 year New Yorker anniversary.

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