My Mission Statement:

To nourish, cultivate and develop a professional network with a focus on purposeful and entertaining educational content that elevates humanity

To offer my unique perspective as an educated, global, thoughtful millennial, with 25 years of experience as a hands-on-multi-hat-wearing professional actress, experienced teaching artist and dedicated caregiver

To bring authenticity and sincerity to my clients’ innovative brands, products or services

To make an impact on environmental concerns by implementing sustainable business practices

To be fun and easy to work with

To guarantee 100% satisfaction

About Me:

My voice sounds like Mother Nature’s little sister and is picked for bringing a real, fresh slice of juicy life to every project. As youthful as I sound, my talent has been ripened through extensive education, training, work and life experience, and a driven dedication to your story’s sweet success.

I have a background in theater performance, theater education and office administration. For 25 years as a theater practitioner, I have demonstrated merits in numerous national professional productions, with strong leadership and management skills in office administration, including hiring and training, as well as curriculum planning and executing as a teaching artist. As a dedicated caregiver, I have been known for planning fun activities from involving water balloons to attending art museums to learning how to make sushi.

My passion is in storytelling. I thrive in collaboration, often times, under pressure with limited resources. With improv training at UCB, vocal arts training at Juilliard, and an MFA in Acting from Columbia University, my voiceovers reflect a triple threat of high quality sound: a sense of humor, a precise ear, and authenticity. View my acting resume here.

My home studio is in Brooklyn, equipped with Source Connect, Audio Technica (AT2020) Mic, and my MacBook Pro, using Audacity for VO and Ableton Live 10 for music.


Thank you for visiting Sweet Spot VO. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to subscribe to my blog. In the words of Vanilla Ice, let’s “stop, collaborate and listen!”

 Sweetly yours,

Jen Olaya

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Imagination is more important than knowledge
— Einstein